Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hoot's Thursday Things

Plan your nuclear own war. NUKEMAP, a Google Maps application by Alex Wellerstein, makes the dangers of nuclear war personal. Move the marker anywhere in the world, then select a nuclear weapon. You can choose anything from the 20 ton Davy Crockett portable missile to the 100 megaton Tsar Bomba.

The 23 Types of Vagabonds

ESPN's 'racist' Jeremy Lin headline: Did the writer deserve to be fired?

Naked Texting

Woman Falls Down Stairs Texting On Live TV [Video]

Coffee Cup Stain Art

Japanese Fart Scrolls

Mumbai's Floating Balcony Pools

Very cool.
Street Artist Making Candy With Caramel

The 84-year-old Fort Steuben Bridge connecting Ohio and West Virginia was decommissioned in mere seconds.
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