Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Humpday Happenings

Ok , I am on vacation this week and am heading to Florida tomorrow so this is why my columns have been sparatic this week .

Here is something that is hysterical !!

Hahahahahahahahaha !!!!

Here we go .....

Jennifer Aniston Says She's Really Into Laser Porn

12 now-famous people who were in movies you've seen
but had no idea they were there.

Some blacks insist: "I'm not African-American"

Speaking as an extremely white dude who doesn't care about any of this , but just doesn't want to offend anyone unintentionally (I'm more than happy to offend everyone on purpose), I sure wish that we could all negotiate an acceptable, politically correct term.

It's no longer Kirk vs Picard. It's Charlie vs Ashton

Lindsay Lohan Flashes Nipple
Once More for a Terry Richardson Photoshoot

Kris Humphries Pushing For Televised Divorce Trial
, Seeks Annulment

The 7 Most Absurd Inventions in the History of Alcoholism

Fucking Funny !!

Welcome to The NEW Daily Column!!