Wednesday, February 15, 2012

No Game

Japan Sucks So Bad At Hooking Up The Government Is Having Mandatory Workshops On How To Attract The Opposite Sex. Kinda sad for a Superpower to have no game at all , dont ya think ??

A game of rock, paper, scissors doesn’t exactly scream romance. But the government in Gifu Prefecture, southwest of Tokyo, is willing to try anything. Their marriage and birthrates are at record lows, the population declining fast. Nearly a third of adult residents under the age of 50 are single, a 10 percent drop compared to a decade ago. On a recent Saturday in Kani City, two dozen men and women paired off to play the schoolyard game at a pre-Valentine’s Day matchmaking party organized by the prefecture. The three hour event held at a rose garden also featured separate hour long self-help sessions: makeup and styling lessons for women, dating role play and voice projection exercises for men. “A lot of men don’t know how to make themselves appealing to women,” says organizer Tomoyo Matsuda. “They only know to talk about their jobs and hobbies, but that conversation doesn’t extend beyond the first meeting. We prep them beforehand to make sure it does.” It all amounts to a national crisis for a country with one of the lowest birthrates in the world. Already the oldest nation, more than a quarter of Japanese are over the age of 65. The population is on track to shrink by nearly a third in 50 years.

Oh man talk about terrible timing for Japan huh? Like here you are just trying to get a little bit of respect and have people take you seriously in the world of Superpowers. Then on Valentine’s Day your government lets it leak that none of you know how to get pussy. That you’re all ugly mofos who couldn’t pull ass with a $1,000,000 Yen tied to your dick. I mean literally everybody in America is fucking that night and you’re jammed in a classroom playing rock paper scissors at a matchmaker party. Such a bad look. Hey Japan clean it up. Take a shower, throw some product in your hair, start buying some sake shots at the bar. Stick your dick in something why don’t you. If some guys I know can get laid I guarantee you can find yourself in a warm hole at least one time on the most romantic night of the year.

Here we go ......

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