Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday Snickerings

Dan The Man With A Tan. I’ll take my coffee black as the day I was born, Dan, thank you very much.

Man or woman? How about both?

BBC tracks down an internet troll, who had been posting racist comments on R.I.P. Facebook pages. Nice chap.

Beware the Biting Goats. Neature Walk. What a beaut.

Speaking of taking a walk outside, “How to teach your kid the Shaolin Wushu Way.” Kid will be like a Ninja, but from Chinese parents. Bad ass.

Speaking of them Orientalish people, Kim Jong Un Dead. Just a rumor… Party like you’re dead.

Speaking of them overseas folks, Germany exhibits leadership in the face of Internet Censorship. It refuses to sign the ACTA, as Obama did for the USA.

Speaking of driving under the influence of pot: don’t do it. Still safer than DUI, which also you shouldn’t do…

Speaking of smoke, how to make smoke pretty, in a bottle.

Speaking about a chapter involving smoke, TDC WEAW Weekend At Willies

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

OK, one more from Dotta. “What I learned in history class.” Techno song, but with some very cool images.

What the hell are they teaching in high school these days? Hehehe

Luv ya, Dotta, and miss you when you go to college in the fall, across the land.

Very much.

But you need to go out and explore the world, and that shows how much confidence you have.

You will rock very well baby girl.

Welcome to The NEW Daily Column!!