Sunday, February 5, 2012

Smile And Eat Wings Day

Happy Football/Beer/Wings Day to you. I will be enjoying the spicy, hot loveliness of those fucking wings today.

But 337 in a half hour? Holy shit.

OK, fuck Angry Birds, Scrabble (or Words With Friends) here is the downfall of all humanity. Now you can play lazer tag with your smart phone. You need to buy the lazer gun for $45. But now…

…Now, no one will get any work done at the office, or studying, or anything. I’m definitely gonna buy one of these. God help us all.

Some of the ads for today.

Tenadious D sequel coming. Here’s the fucking awesome theme song. Sadly, only a snippet. Teasers!

Glass of the Future.

61 Things We learned From Armageddon Commentary, by Jeremy Kirk on Film School Rejects’ fine site.

Here is something Richie Fowler posted on Friday: Fitzy’s Wicked Pissah Superbowl Thang. It deserves a revisit today.

Here’s the Skyrim SB prediction. Kinda loud. Adjust.

Music Break: Drew Smith. Smoke And Mirrors

Sometimes, you need to get rid of an injured limb? Bad ass crab. Hey, I'll eat that crab leg. Chicken wings of the ocean...

Enjoy your day my friend.

---willies out

OK, One More For Ya.

Pick A Dick blooper. Re-dick-ulous!

Oh, yeah, almost forgot. Link to the TDC WEAW Weekend At Willies story thing.

The next part after that is here. END.

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