Friday, February 3, 2012

Smile Everyone !!

Ok , With all the crazy shit going on these days . Everyone shitting on everyone and the world falling apart in front of our eyes , Sometimes it's just good to have a place you can come for a day and smile .

Well today the Daily Column is that place .

Watch the video below and if your not smiling at the end of it then your dead inside . It's the kind of video that kinda silly but puts a innocence into your heart and makes you happy .I smiled for 3 minutes and 7 seconds

SEE ? Everyone have a GREAT WEEKEND !!!

Here we go ....

Roseanne Barr is Officially Running for President
of the United States

Local Irish actor crowned Clooney lookalike

There is a picture of three guys, and I guess we are expected to spot immediately which of them resembled the affable actor. The problem is that none of them look even vaguely like George Clooney, although the guy on the right does look a little like Liam Neeson.I think the winner is actually the guy on the left, who looks like Fatty Arbuckle.

The NY Public Library’s main branch is going to get rid of three million books . Considering that the source is the New York Post, it is a surprisingly thoughtful article about the end of the era we boomers grew up in, an era of printed words and the stately buildings which housed them.

Fitzy's here for a Superbowl Preview

Crisis in America: Various groundhogs clash over US weather prognosis

Snooki Might Be Pregnant and Might Be Flashing Some of Her Nips Again

Adam Sandler to write and star in a movie based on the Candyland board game. This is scheduled for a release no earlier than 2013, so we can place it on the "positive" side of the Mayan calendar controversy.

Interesting: Gallup Releases Obama Approval Rating by State

Britney Spears Hater vs. Britney Fans... WHO YA GOT!?!? The first rule of Britney Spears Fan Club is you do not fucking talk shit about Britney Spears, bitch.

Sports Reporter Marisol Gonzalez Is Muy Caliente

In Honor of the Superbowl , Im giving you this ...SUCK IT GIANT FANS !!!

Welcome to The NEW Daily Column!!