Friday, February 24, 2012

YouPorn Hacked

The email addresses and passwords of more than a million users of the YouPorn sex chat site were exposed to all and sundry this week following a coding error that went undetected for years. The data – which identifies customers of the smut site, exposing them to potential embarrassment as a result – might also be used in attempts to hack into more sensitive accounts maintained by the same potential victims. Those that use the same or similar passwords for more sensitive accounts (webmail, Facebook, PayPal etc) are most at risk of attack.

First thing I thought when I saw this headline: so the fuck what? I mean is there anything less embarrassing than people knowing you look at internet porn? In fact I think the only embarrassing thing would be if people you found out you DIDN’T look at internet porn. Would be just flat out weird. Nobody would want to associate with an asexual loser like that. I mean it’s 2012. Everyone on the planet watches free porn online. t’s like breathing air and drinking water.

But then I was like hey wait a minute. A log in and password to Youporn? I don’t have one of those? I just hop on poke around for 15 minutes then whale one out and I’m out. Who the fuck has to log in? up turns out they’re talking about the people who use the sex chat option? Like when you’re trying to click on a video and 3 popups shoot up all over your screen of fat chicks dildoing themselves asking if you want to talk while another whore is AIM chatting you in the upper-right. I guess millions of people pay to do that shit? Which ends up being just about the most embarrassing thing you can have broadcast to the world. Umm bro, Tori Black is right in front of you waiting to give you a POV blowjob for free. The fat hog asking you to talk to her while she fingers herself is raping your credit card while your shit gets hacked to the entire internet...... Clean it up.

Here we go ......

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