Saturday, March 31, 2012

540 versus 1.76

One in 1.76 million. That’s the odds for winning the Mega Millions Lottery.

Funny how the more everyone loses, the more that people jump on a sinking ship?

The $540 million jackpot means that many people have thrown their hard earned cash into this hole, I mean, pile. There are 1.76 million different combinations of numbers at play here, each time these numbers are drawn. If 1.76 million people were playing, and each person had a different number, then one would win. There are certainly many more than that playing, and so this means that there would be a shared pot.

The only thing is, there are many combinations that are played which are duplicated (albeit unwittingly) and many others that will not be played.

Always pick your own numbers. If you simply ask for the machine to randomly select your numbers for you, then you are adding in a whole new level of odds stacked against you.

You have better odds if you play the same numbers each time. Your number will be called, after all 1.76 million different combinations have been picked. Eat well, exercise, and live long enough to see what I mean. Shouldn't take all that many millions of years, right?

Anyways, lotteries are the only form of gambling that cannot be “Played.” You have one shot per guess. It’s like the slot machine, which has the worst odds of all the casino games. You are better off playing cards with focus and intent against other folks, and you get the opportunity to understand their strategies and perhaps notice their tells throughout continued playing against them.

Or shoot craps, which, if done correctly, can give you the best odds.

If you keep track of the numbers that have consistently come up, then you might have a good shot. But only if they used the same machine and balls, and the timing between each pick was exactly the same.

But they don’t.

Oh well.

Here are the last 25 winners of this huge beast.

Did you buy a ticket?

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Just in time for Fool’s Day.

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Here’s a fool. Santorum calls Obama the N---

Don’t lie, that made you uncomfortable. Well imagine how uncomfortable Santorum feels now? Back in the day, racism didn’t have to hide. We should have a real bullshit detector.

Speaking of bullshit, China is doomed to fail.

Speaking of doomed to fail, don’t get almost tazed for making a video in front of Walmart without their permission.

Here’s an antidote to stupidity for you, something nice for your Saturday enjoyment. If only we could affix death-lazers onto falcons for military usage.

Finally, here is the link to the next chapter of the weekend at willies tale.

Baby, I got your money.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

OK, One More For You. Cats in the classics. Jeez. But funny.


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