Thursday, March 15, 2012

Doodie Science RULES !!!

Doodie Science Says We Should Squat When We Shit, You Down?

So you’re telling me I only normally poop one candy bar but if I squat I can poop two candy bars?

I’m still not sold. As someone who is a bathroom lounger, I just don’t see myself getting as comfortable on the toilet while squatting like an ape as I do when kickin’ back sit-poopin. Plus I’m a pretty tall guy. I don’t need my knees all in my face while taking a shit. They’re gonna be all in my face while I’m playing with my tablet, which at this point is almost exclusively for shit-related web browsing. I got putts to make and birds to throw in there; squatting could literally ruin everything.

What do you think?

Here we go .....

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You know how when your watching Youtube you start somewhere and end up somewhere totally different ? Well Yesterday I starting browsing Youtube and I just wanted to show you the series of videos I watched in a 10 minute time :

I started with this :

Then went here :

Then Went here :

Then Here :

Then Here :

And ended with this :

Crazy were it starts and where it ends !!

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