Tuesday, March 20, 2012

FAKE !!!

FYI – People Who Think The Video Of The Chick Who Can’t Figure Out MPH’s Video Is Real Are Dumber Than the Chick Pretending to Be Dumb

This video has been going viral since Friday and it seems to be picking up steam. More and more people sending it to me saying how I have to blog it blah, blah, blah. Umm are people that gullible? Like as stupid as this girl is acting you’re even dumber if you think this is legit. Yeah I know chicks are idiots, but nobody is this stupid. I mean the husband has his twitter profile in the video. That’s always a dead giveaway. He’s trying to get people to follow him. Even his youtube profile says he’s a digital marketing professional. Come on people wake up. Shit is as fake as it comes. Seriously you think any chick would let their husband humiliate them like this for real? No chance.

Here we go .....

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