Friday, March 9, 2012

To KONY or not to KONY

For all of you who havent seen this yet , It's a very cool concept and movement that is meant for more that just self serving shit like the Occupy bullshit ....Watch the whole thing !!

And of course there is a flipside who doesnt believe shit this guy says , Check out that info HERE

The Worst/Best Internet Reactions To #Kony2012
- Nothing like a little FaceBook activism to bring out the best/worst of the internet

Here we go .....

Peyton Manning leaves generous tip, server gets fired for posting a photograph of bill

Girlfriend Gets Tattoo of Her Boyfriend After One Week....The Facebook posts from him to her afterwards are EPIC !!!!

Steven Seagal Sued Over Reality Show Arrest

Trenton, New Jersey is out of toilet paper

(Self-Described) Sluts Protest Limbaugh's Use of the Word ‘Slut’

Milla Jovovich Hot, Almost Nekkid, and Talking Weed in Maxim Australia

Olivia Wilde Alleged Topless Pictures

NES Title Screens, The Website - Yep, it's pretty much exactly as awesome as it sounds.
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