Thursday, March 22, 2012

Happy Birthday

Today is my birthday, and Richie Fowler has promised the opportunity to create a front page post for you as a BDay gift. Thank you, kind sir.

As you might know, I am exactly as old as the hills, but I’ve got a young soul, and therefore I go about exploring this place as if it is both the first time I have been here, and the last time that I will have such an opportunity.

Entropy_Happens mentioned something in a thread created by TDC’s Mighty Laz in our forums, as feedback from something Richie posted on Tuesday about that John Carter Mars movie.

The musings of those two young men gave me the idea for this front page post.

Laz's thread involves the public perception of a work left behind a writer. Such a work may be adapted to a movie, and then the initial intention behind the work can be lost in the melee, which is a French term used here to describe “how the hell did everything I’ve done get so fucked up?”

Evidently, the movie isn't all that bad. I have yet to see, it, and I will.

Anyway, consider this:

The public perception of the work is changed, even though the original author had nothing to do with it.

Public perception, as well you know, is temporary, fickle, and subject to zeitgeist.

How will the things you have done be remembered?

The idea that those two smart men gave me is this:

When you encounter your birthday, something occurs, and it depends upon your age.

Certainly, you look forward to your birthday when you are young, after, that is, once you can appreciate the length of each year, instead of being frightened by the flash bulbs from the camera and before you dive headfirst into the cake.

Of course, that may happen to you at any of your birthday parties. It depends upon your youth, or perhaps the curious intoxicants you have imbibed later on in your birthday experience,

…and perhaps you revert to being afraid of flashy things and try to hide your face in your cake during your senior years?


But what occurs is this:

You are faced with the length of your time here on this tiny blue planet, alone in the eternity of space.

According to some, life exists nowhere else in the universe, so suck it up and get right with your maker.

That kinda sucks, huh.

What a waste of such a beautiful planet, with all it’s horror included.

When you are faced with your own mortality, you have a decision to make, and certain things become factors in your decision.

They are these:

Have I done well so far?

What more is there to do?

What if I were gone tomorrow?

How will I be remembered?

Will I be remembered at all?

In weighing these important considerations, you may discover that time is of the essence.

You may wonder if there is another way in which you might attempt to live out the rest of your short time here.

This is called a “mid-life crisis” and usually involves divorce, the purchase of a small but powerful red sports car and some hair dye and also hookers.

Fighting Death? Huh.

Yet, the decision you face is tantamount.

How Will I Live The Rest Of My Life?

Interesting consideration, isn’t it.

Is this all there truly is?

If so, for what are you waiting?

To win the lottery?

What do you think?

Tell us in the forums.

Me? I’m not waiting for the afterlife.

Write on mirrors with your new girlfriend's sharpie eyebrow liner.

Here are your links.

From Entropy_Happens, a link about instant karma. Kar, ma. Nice.

The hand of a tiny god we call Karma, huh.

Just watch out for karma. It may be where you least expect it.

This is from Dayam. Is there any hope for us in the fall?

The Etch-A-Sketch Candidate: Romney adviser Eric Fehrnstrom hands opposition hook with quip comparing general election strategy to an Etch-A-Sketch: “You can kind of shake it up and restart all of over again.”

Rick Santorum: “I’m no Etch a Sketch waiting to be shaken up & re-shifted."

Santorum spox Alice Stewart hands out mini Etch-A-Sketches at Romney event.

Newt Gingrich gives little boy an Etch-A-Sketch, tells him “now you can be a presidential candidate."

DNC attack ad up within hours: “Mitt Romney: Some Things You Just Can’t Shake Off."

On Twitter: #RomneyToys, Fake Eric Fehmstrom.

Single Serving Site: Etch-A-Sketch Mitt Romney.

Etch-A-Sketch spox Nicole Gresh reax: “A profound toy…is now SHAKING up the national debate."

Mitt Romney breaks silence on Etch-A-Sketch-Gate: “The issues I’m running on will be exactly the same."

Fehrnstrom clarifies: “[The general election] is a different race, with different candidates, and different issues that get discussed.”

Thank you We will all sleep better now. Or not.

If only we could go back in time to better candidates.

Or, perhaps, flap our arms and fly away?

Well, here’s some mental escape from Sean Baby. He does quite well, for what he does. Explore. See you in a while. Don’t forget to write. In our forums.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---Bday willies out.

OK, One More For You.

There is another author named Burroughs, and he also wrote about trips. He had his personal demons to face, and he did so quite eloquently.

U2. Last Night On Earth. It features William S. Burroughs in his last filmed performance before he passed away. You might know that he was the author of many interesting reads concerning the human condition.

(Thank you Daily Motion, for holding onto this rare gem, which cannot be found anywhere else in the ‘tubes. Hopefully, it doesn’t get taken down because of this post.)

Mr. Burroughs is the one holding the light at the end of this video. Rest well, good man. You explored the depths of our human condition. Someday, we may understand what it was you were trying to tell us.

Yes, he was a gay old junkie, but he went his own way. He was also a smart dude.

Here’s something soothing to rest your weary head. Get some work done today baby. And no, I'm not cashing out.

I got me something good.

You do, too.

You are alive.

Live it up.

Ya know.

Welcome to The NEW Daily Column!!