Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mental Escape, or Mental Vacuity?



Whether you own a pistol or a rifle or a shotgun; this is your right. Up heah in Maine, we use the latter two in hunting for sustenance, which is a French word that means “eating free-range, organic, lean protein,” and we take care to not harm anything that we do not intend to drop. We hunt to eat. Eat what you shoot, or do not shoot.

Unless it is to defend you, your family, and/or your land and property.

The Right To Bear Arms was amended to our Constitution to give us the ability to defend and protect against Monarchy, Dictatorship, Martial Law, the Red Coats, home invasion, and/or zombie apocalypse.

It does not give one the right to threaten another. It does not give one the right to kill a teen because you don’t like their hoodie.

God rest Trayvon Martin and God Help his family in their time of despair. Amen.

The following video simply shows a father speaking about a dead kid.

The right to bear arms was included in our Constitution in order to defend yourself, and not to take a pro-active stance and try to practice taking out anyone else at all. In the following video, if it is still available, you can hear a dumbass tell Santorum to aim for the the Prez. Bitch is a dumbass at 0:34 and she probably does, indeed, have access to a firearm. She is now being investigated by Secret Service, but she might also need to be edumacated about the sanctity of human life. Ya think?

While you have the right to bear arms, you do not have the right to inflict and infect those around you with your stupidity.

You do not have the right to threaten anyone else at all.


OK, sorry about that. You are here for your weekend leisure time, and not to get all pissed off at stupidity.

Let’s have a mental escape from dumbasses, shall we?

Let's clean our collective palette by burning out the carbon from our carburetors and rocking out.

Live Foos. Bridge Burning. Excellent live performance. Fuuuuuck yeah.

I dig smart chicks. This one likes to read books. “Bitches In Bookstores” music video. You might want to explore this site for more funny stuff.

Coffee. Mmmmm.

This makes me think of something GoAskMatt would put up, and it's quite good. "Eye Of Riley." Canyon walk from the POV of a camera that is hot-glued and duct-taped to the spine of a Corgi.

---I kid you. Matt's Riley is not a Corgi.

Have you had enough coffee? Good. Now let’s check out the Theory of Everything, explained in two minute lumps.

Antidote to cuteness, here are 160 reasons why catchphrases are essential to a Hollywood summertime blockbuster, written for Arnie, and spoken by him. Say what you will about him, dude had delivery skillz yo. “BuullSheet.” “Hey. You want to be a farmer? Here are a couple of acres.”

Antidote to that, cute stupidity. Or is it stupid cutidity? Anyways: Love, Cookie Monster and Elmo style.

Antidote to that, Ridley Scott (God of Blade Runner and many other director credits, like, fucking wow, but forgive him for also doing Thelma and Louise) is re-upping on Alien with Prometheus, out in June. Fuck yeah. Here’s a short version of Aliens, which he did not direct, but it is the precursor to the visit to Earth by them freaky Alien bastards…

I enjoy me some good tunes, good movies, and good mental escape. Just got done watching that Tin Tin flick with my family on our widescreen, and I have to tell you, it was actually pretty great.

No Arnie involved: simply good, solid writing. Lots of action, and safe for the kids.

I wish I could write like that that.

Someday, perhaps I will.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

OK, One More For You.

Let’s go upstairs, baby.

Upstairs from Shawn Wines on Vimeo.


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