Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday Column

Looks like another week of no Thursday column .....What are ya gonna do ?

Here's a little International Incident for you to chew on :

So I guess this video is from some Chinese soccer league and is sparking like an international incident. Lawsuits all over the place and Westerners fighting with Asians on Youtube comments and shit. Don’t know, don’t care. You can read all about it on that Hong Kong blog if you want. All I know is that I would put my kid in this soccer league 5000%. Be the first one in line on registration day. No joke. But if my kids are like every other kid on the planet before they grow up and know better they’re going to want to play in some youth soccer leagues with their friends. And if that’s going to happen you better believe the My kids are going to be starting front and center for this Kitchee or ESF squad. Form tackles, fist fights. Motherfucking boots to the face. That’s what I’m talking about. You want to experiment with pussy sports as boys when you’re young? That’s fine but you better be prepared to get a pair of cleats shoved into your brain for your troubles. Toughen you up real quick.
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