Saturday, March 10, 2012

Weekend At Willies Saturday Ah

Saturday. Ah. The promise of two days to do what you like. How nice. Press play and get your head in the game.

I take my coffee black as the day I was born. That’s from when I was a broke ass punk and had to save my silver for a forty at the corner store. Priorities, that’s what it’s all about, right?

Ramen noodles with a hand full of veggies from the freezer. Cooking a quesadilla directly over the gas flame. Chorizo with eggs on Saturday, bought from my Friday paycheck. Extravagant. Coffee with no creamer, no sugar. At least there was coffee. Can’t live without coffee. Wouldn’t live without 40 oz of malt liquor, back then, either.

So, now I can afford creamer and sugar, and they await you on the counter if you would like to have a mug. I’ll lighten and sweeten it up once in a while, but now I prefer something else, by way of coffee. I like the different beans from the different countries. Each one has its own flavor. Costa Rica is our favorite here. Bright and shiny. Nicaragua is the best, but hard to get. It’s a small crop yield, and in high demand.

Ethiopia produces tiny beans that taste earthy, and dark and deep, like the heart of Africa.

Jamaica… That’s a whole nuther story. Wow.

No, not a coffee snob. Just liking my coffee, and if you do, then gobless you, too.

Cofffee beans.


Who’s up for a 40? Is it noon yet? Repack.

Enjoy your links, my friend.


What do you have with your coffee? Perhaps this will be fun to check out, you naughty puffer you. Solipsist.

SOLIPSIST from Andrew Huang on Vimeo.

Guess who puffs? Well, probably not, but here, Pat Robertson advocates.

Don’t watch this. It will give you the willies.

This dude might need more coffee, less weed. Ouch.

Busy Man who hasn’t walked into a lamp post.

College Humor’s Matthew. He has been busy as well.

I’ll be busy. Heading off to Sin City. I’ll post Thirsty Thursday for you from there. It’s going to be my last time going there for the work I do. So sad. I figure that someone else needs to do this. Twice a year for the past four years is enough for me. Done, baby. Goodbye Vegas. (sniff)

I have better things to do with my time, like this, which will slow down your computer if you are still using a Windows Five, or a smart phone. Batman and Robin escaping GIFs.

Actually finally, here is something for you that I quite enjoy and include them in my stories. All about the Black Hole. Make your own jokes, ya bastard.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out of town.

OK, One More For You.

Learn about the DNS. There are some hackers who are trying to figure out how to use it bring down the intertubes.

End of the world, if they do.

Oh, yeah. Back from seeing excellent The Black Keys, fronted by mighty The Arctic Monkeys in Portland (with my wife, recovering from surgery!) and Dotta and her guy Connor, well, I wrote a short story that deals with how it feels to be bullied. Sort of a way to help out. Honest.



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