Thursday, April 5, 2012

Grab Your Own Spotlight


Thank you Richie for allowing me to post whatever the hell I want to on Thursdays. If I could have posted this on Tuesday, I would have, and you will see why.

This post is dedicated to my twin sister Susan who turned 27 (cough cough) on Tuesday, because she and I rocked in the 80's, and she will know what in the heck I am talking about below.

This girl has gone past me in writing, and expanded her artistic horizons with painting and photography. She has always propped me up in my own determination to write fiction, no matter what the results.

The world could use more kind, intrepid spirits like you, twin. In my stories about Fuckno, CA., she is my young sister known as "Galen."

Let’s go back to the 80’s, shall we?

Hear me out.

I sing loudly (obnoxiously) to 80’s tunes in the shower while getting ready for work. Below is a song that you have undoubtedly heard before, recently. But it is posted here to illustrate a point I will make in a moment.

In the following video, you can see how cool I imagine I would have been in the 80’s, all crooning on the mic like the singer. I’m actually more like the dumbass “stand-in” in the green t-shirt who fucks everything up with his intentions to represent the song he has written and sold to Hollywood.

Sell out.

Still trying to get it all back.

(BTW, the green t-shirt guy is the real singer of the tune, and not an asshole at all.)

And, being a Stand-In is a true, real job for the lighting and camera-focus people of the shoot who were all hired so that the artist doesn’t have to do this tiresome yet essential work and can instead wait for their own performance while they get boozed up in their trailer…

Check out this video, before we go on, cool?

Snow Patrol. Called Out In The Dark. For Susan (Galen).

This video pokes fun at the making a music video, and it’s from the 80’s perspective. (The red-headed chick director is actually the GF of the lead singer…)


This video shows how Hollywood takes what you have written and fucks it all up.

My point is something simple, which is this.

I imagine that I could have been a cool crooner.

I could have been “Gary.” Of course, Gary is a douche here. (Perhaps I am. Gobless the 80’s. There, I said it, and fuck you.) But before you get side-tracked by that, consider this:

How do you imagine you, yourself being cool?

Perhaps you are a Dean. “No, I’m not drunk, I’m only just starting.” Amen.

Or a Chairman?

Or a Boss?

Or a David Lee Roth? Ease your seat back…

I asked my Lady Lisa what who would be solid to include here, and she thought that this would be cool. (She's not into the 80's glam. Many are not. Huh.)

Here is her response:

Maybe you helping out Ozzie, and joined by the excellent Tony Iommi, who lost his finger tips in an industrial accident, and replaced them with metal tips, and then introduced to our world the heavy metal sound on his guitar?

Perhaps that is what it means to represent. Thanks, Lisa.

You can see Tony's metal finger tips in this pic.

---From this classic video of Black Sabbath: War Pigs.

Well, back in the day, I wanted to as cool as Robert Palmer, because of the chicks he employed in his videos. Dude was smooth, and rest in peace.

Go take a shower and sing to whatever you enjoy. Sing loudly and obnoxiously.


What is your era of coolness?

Are you still cool?

Of course you are. You are here at TDC.

Show TDC your youtube links to what you think is cool, and feel free to lambaste me for my own, poor choice of musical taste in our forums.

No holds barred, baby.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

Happy Birthday Susan, I hope you like my gift for you. May you live forever.

---willies out.

OK, Two More For You.

The latest chapter of the Weekend At Willies. More this weekend. Stay up and see, if you like.

And this, from TDC tribe member Entropy_Happens.

So, now folks are using the intent to protect against online bullying in order to introduce a new sort of internet censorship?

What The Fuck?

Nice catch, our TDC man in Chicago.



Oh well. This is how them folks who are protecting us from ourselves see us.

Antidote, by the same group, from Dotta. Crank up the bass.


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