Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hey Chicklet Teeth !

Remember when you were a little kid and you’d play in the ocean and see if you could withstand the biggest wave crashing into you?

This is a lot like this game except when you’re trying to hold on to a chain link fence when a 747 engine is blowing you end up getting scorpioned into a brick wall with your tits flopping out of your shirt. Doesn’t look quite as fun as playing in the waves.

Ummm , Did you miss this hotness ?

This chick running towards me on a beach is a dream come true. Unless I’ve just had my ass handed to me by a jet engine and I’m holding all my teeth in my hands and probably have a broken neck. In that scenario, I’m hoping for a little less ass and a little more medical expertise.

Here we go .....

Mad Men Meets The Walking Dead in This Video Parody

Road closed after hand grenade is found during Easter Egg Hunt

Gloria Allred Responds To Trump: ‘The World Does Not Revolve Around His Penis’

Mmmm, A New Underboob Gallery...My favorite.

Supercut: Famous Actors In Their First Roles . Yeah, cool. Whatever. I want out of here today, too.

The Funniest Foreign Translastions Of American Movie Titles ...It's called English, bros. Learn to like speak it and stuff.

"Titanic" In SUPER 3D....It's like motherfucking 6D or something!

Texts From Dog - This guy's dog sends him texts. He posts them here. Yeah, it's weird.

Eufrat (NSFW)
Her name is so harsh compared to the soft pink silky folds of her... Oh, sorry. Sometimes I get delusions of grandeur.

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