Monday, April 30, 2012

Ohhh that Yankee / Boston Rivalry just got hot !!

Chick fights RULE this fucking earth !!

And this stupid Red Sox fan gets put in her place at Yankee Stadium with a vicious front kick down the stairs !

Part II

Shouldn’t have been talking shit. As far as I’m concerned, no blood no foul. Although there’s a pretty good shot there was blood after the bitch tried scalping her in the second video. But what do you expect? Why the fuck are you wearing a Red Sox jersey to Yankee Stadium when they’re playing the Tigers? I detest people who do that. The only thing worse than the irrelevant jersey guy is the irrelevant jersey girl. Cus let’s face it… she’s not naming a single current Sox player past Ortiz and Pedroia. Guarantee the third name she throws out is “Umm Manny?” But let’s get back to the video. Check out the Million Dollar Baby death spill at the 1:28 mark. Phenomenal. But first she hovers there for a second before going down like the Titanic before it plummets into the Atlantic. Bottom line- uppity Red Sox chick and drunk Yankee fans don’t mix.

Here we go .......

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Man sues BMW for 20-month erection after bike ride

This bathroom gives new meaning to the phrase "scared shitless"

Jedi mind trick fails: Obiwan Kenobi Arrested In Roseville Hit-And-Run

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Charlotte Bobcats finished with the worst record in NBA history

Their winning percentage would embarrass the Washington Generals.

And they really came through in the clutch. Just a while back it seemed that they had no chance to get that record. When they beat Toronto on St Patty's Day, they made it all but impossible. The only way they could have done it was to lose their last 23 games. If they had won even one of those games, they would not have managed to go below the previous record of .110.

Well, sure enough, the 'Cats were up to the task! They did lose all 23 of those games, including a last game loss to the Knicks, who gave the entire night off to three of their starters, including their top scorer and their top rebounder.

The Bobcats' majority owner, Michael Jordan, now has accumulated, in the short span of 16 years, both the best winning percentage of all time and the worst. As a player, he led the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls to a 72-10 season. As an owner, he ... er ... "led" the 2011-12 Bobcats to a 7-59 season.

It's worthwhile to note that the Oklahoma Thunder, now one of the best teams in the NBA, went 20-62 in 2007-08 in their last year in Seattle, then 23-59 the following year in Oklahoma. That was painful for their fans but, by shedding veteran contracts and obtaining the optimal draft positions, the franchise was able to improve to 50-32 (.610) in their second year in Oklahoma, then 55-27 (.671), then 49-19 (.712). You have to think that Michael Jordan is now playing a multi-year chess game designed to replicate the Thunder's success for the Bobcats.

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