Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thirsty Thursday Bots, Coffee, and Junk Food

Got this new posting thing worked out.  Thanks Yes, from Google.

Richie wrote an excellent post on Tuesday, and it spurted I mean spurred some thoughts from your in-house TDC robotics nerd, namely: me.

I have never put any member of my club into such a mechanical situation, and all of those fuck machines and penis chairs for women border on creepy at the least, and painful at the most, in my own sordid imagination. 

Perhaps that is the intention of those device creators, huh.

But Richie has “raised” an interesting notion, which is this:  What would it take for you to indeed, “fuck a bot?”

Knowing that the TDC tribe is composed of intelligent folks, one must assume that such a bot would not be like R2-D2.  No, the android would have to closely resemble an actual human, in not only appearance, but mannerisms, speech, and “feel/ warmth/ and, ahem, errr… taste” per your expectations.

I know, I have put way too much thought into this.

But, you know that China will be making them when they get the idea, and they will probably be made out of lead, with radiator coolant/antifreeze for blood, and they’ll exhale asbestos dust. You can offer your own thoughts on this.  Entropy_Happens created a response thread in our forum to Richie’s post. Some of you have responded already, and Laz and Tucky had funny responses.

Perhaps those bots might look like this

Well, that was a wake-up.  Speaking of which,  here is how you need to order your next morning coffee from Starbucks.  Their Secret Menu.  Gawdam.  I may have to try two of these.

In condolences for not having some access to genes like that woman above, have something to eat. How about some pastries to have with your morning coffee?  Fudge brownies, cookies, and donuts…  Stay away from this doNut.

Maybe you prefer beef jerky with your morning coffee?

That’s from a site exploring how beef jerky is made.   Hilarity ensues. (Hey, Fast_Cast, this investigative website’s name sounds familiar…)

While you’re eating your pastries and beef jerky and drinking your coffee, why not take a tour of one of 1,500 world landmarks that the mighty Google as created?

Back already?  Perhaps you have to get back to work, and that’s cool.  Hopefully, you aren’t trying to collect bills from folks in emergency rooms.  That’s worse even beyond chasing ambulances.

As an antidote to that, how about Slow Jamming some news? Fallon and Obama, backed up by the Roots.  Is this a political ad?

Antidote to that, the dirtiest song ever recorded, by CBZ  Obviously, NSFW due to lyrics, not the pics.  Tucky will be rockin’ and laughin’ to this.  Me too.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

Oh yeah, One More For You. 

Chapter Nine for the Weekend At Willies Story thang.


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