Monday, April 9, 2012

Way to leg out a double dude ...Whoops !

Hey second base , Keep your head on a swivel bro !!!

Well I think it’s safe to say that the Yavapai Community College vs. Scottsdale Community College rivalry just got ramped up a couple levels.

Because as far as cheap shots go this a perfect 10. Like I’m just not sure you can cheap shot a guy any worse than this? It was so bad that nobody in the park even knows what the fuck happened. Did he trip? Did he get punched? Did he have a heart attack? Nope. He got steam rolled by Greenwell.

Here we go ...

Astronomy pic o' the day: Io, Moon Over Jupiter

Officers find parrots in man's pants

Paris Mayor Combats Noisy Nightlife by Deploying Roving Squads of Mimes

Sometimes working at the mall doesnt suck when a Live show comes to town

BTW , the White dude in this video has SWAG for days !!

6 Amazing Rich Kid Versions of the Toys
You Grew Up With

RIP: broadcasting legend Mike Wallace

More pics of a pantyless Miley Cyrus leaving Winsor Pilates in Hollywood

Game Of Ponies - I'll be the first to tell you that I don't get the whole Bronies thing, but trust me when I say that an unhealthy crush on a cartoon horse isn't required to enjoy this video.

Tits that Jiggle
I feel pretty sure that I've linked to this before, but I ran across it again today and it is still just as wonderful as it was the first time.

The Complete Set Of "Yo! MTV Raps" Trading Cards

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