Saturday, April 28, 2012

Weekend At Willies Saturday Side Show Ninety

Here's the Weekend At Willies latest chapter:  Drive (Chapter Ten)

Saturday Morning toon for your viewing pleasure.

Come with into a side alley, and let’s go explore some of the underground carnival, shall we?  Here is the first stop.  Neverland.  Jacko abandoned it after he was molested, um, by cops, and some crazy photogs went and stole pics of it before it got demolished.  Here are their creepy night pics of it.  You be the judge.

Maybe it’s time for you to get high?  Check out how high these damn commie pinko teens get.

You should NyanWaits your friends on FB.  It’s much better than Rick Astley, because Tom Waits is much better than Rick Astley. 

Antidote, time to get low.  Here is the dark side: hacking celebrity emails for their nudie pics.  “Before long, he had total access to e-mail accounts of stars including Mila Kunis, Busy Philipps, Ali Larter.”  ---from GQ’s contributor David Kushner.

On a brighter note, let’s go explore some caves.  It’s the new, summertime ‘Murrican road-trip extravaganza.

Come back to the light, Johnny.  Here’s the best of Good Morning America. 


Antidote:  Tell yourenemies how you feel about them after they’ve killed you, via your FB, Twitter, etc accounts.  Yeah, nice and creepy.  Ok you can tell your bros you miss them too and are drinking a Bud Light in heaven with them.

In my real life, I’m in the process of building two solar-powered robots for a greenhouse project that my boss has created and constructed.  I’ve ordered the motors and a neat control module from Redpath in New Zealand.  But here’s a site off-shoot from Amazon that might help with the other parts.  Hell, it looks like they have pH meters, too!  I know, I’m a fucking nerd…

Sorry, back to Saturday delights and creepiness.  Here’s some fun.  Zerg Rush.  It’s simple and harmless, because it’s from Google.   Little O’s will eat up the new window, letter by letter.  You’ll see what I mean.  But what does the final product mean?

Enjoy your weekend my friend.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

Ok, Two More For You.

This six-year-old autistic kid plays piano by ear, but he’s not all that bad.  Cute, and inspiring.

Dear Prudence

His first attempt at Maybe I’m Amazed

Antidote to cuteness, here’s the human version of a sex bot: a young Ukraine woman has turned herself into a living version of a Barbie doll.  Is she anatomically correct? You be the judge.


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