Friday, April 20, 2012

Will Smith is pissed

Just so you know, they changed our publish page and the column is coming out all screwy and I dont know why ?? They Are Out There ...or are they ?? That’s all the proof I need. Blurry CCTV footage with some random guy telling an awesome story behind it? SOLD. This is 100% unblinking mind-reading aliens. This guy definatley reads comic books as an adult and always has some sort of food on his shirt at all time .....guaranteed !!! Here we go .... Massively controversial revenge site shuttered The best internet reactions to the latest Mel Gibson tirade Sex Robots: The Future Of Sex Tourism This article seems inherently contradictory to me. If sex robots are available, why do we need to go someplace else to use them? Why not just enjoy them in the comfort and safety of home? If anything, this technology should destroy sex tourism. Can you see it ? I can totally see it ..LOL The 4 Easiest Ways to Accidentally Ruin Your Relationship R.I.P.: Jonathan Frid, the original Barnabus Collins on 'Dark Shadows', age 87 Anthony Hopkins as Alfred Hitchcock in Making of Psycho
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