Saturday, April 21, 2012

Willies Weekend With Wee Ones

Holy shit is Blogger pissing me right the fuck off. Stop adding percentage 20 at the end of everything. You were right, Richie. They need to work on their design a bit more. Check out how my it looks on the Willies story thing, here.

Apple is in trouble for whoring out kids on their dad’s iPad. You see, dad has his credit card info memorized into the iPad. Apple offers kids free game apps, and then, during the game, Apple shows kids some sparkly things that they can get simply by clicking. These sparkly things cost quite a lot. Parents will be charged on their bill. Wow. Nice going, Apple. Bill Gates must be rolling in his grave.

Kids are a thorn in my side. Like this. Stop speaking so much! Lay off the coffee. Jeez.

Antidote: Smooth. Fuck SOPA, CISPA and any other shit that scaredy cats don’t like about the wild west of the intertubes. If you don’t like the Wild West, stay on the porch, or under your bed with your thumb in your mouth. Leave the fun to the rest of us. Internet inventor Tim Berners-Lee says so.

Well, here is something interesting to me, and perhaps you will find to be that way as well. Interesting, it’s because kinda creepy. I would never have thought to analyze data in such a way as this. There are four top listings for the phrase, “Slipped her cold fingers.” Thank you Yes, of Google, for showing me these.

This first one is from a chick site.

I understand.

My grandmother used to read those sort of pocket books, and she enjoyed them. It was her only vice. So this is written in the manner of a hack. Folks like recipes and formulas, because they don’t know how to invent new flavors in their kitchen.

This second one is not written by a hack, or someone who is trying to fill a box. It seems to have been written with the vigor of someone who likes to write, so good for her. Me? Not so much. I like explosions.

The third one is from someone in love with a doll. I think that this site is all about doll love. No harsh on you if you love human sized dolls. It’s just weird to me.

The last one from Yes Google is my own in this mess.

So, “Slipped Her Cold Fingers” shows what folks look for in the wild west of the internet, before CISPA gets a hold on it and closes it all the fuck down. Fuck that shit. Time to get off the grid, like this man.
The American Who Quit Money To Live In A Cave from David Eckenrode on Vimeo.

Speaking of being off the grid, here’s the making of DUNE, from the perspective of crazy lady Sean Young. She’s kinda mean in this.

Yesterday was April 20th, and while many folks participate in some sort of bizarre ritual during such a day, or else, at certain times of each day, here is the history of the ritual.

Well, who cares. Pot used to make me fat and stupid, because I ate and ate and then slept. I need absolutely no help with those two things. That being said, how cool it would be to be like this dude. ADP.

Be nice to others, and rock well in your day.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

OK, One More For You.

Horrible horribleness.

Antidote: CBZ’s stuff.

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