Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wow !!!

If you’re gonna be outrageously racist and be the leader of a website called, you gotta make sure you nail the socks. No hood. No masking his face. Just “I’m white, I’m racist, I’m all up in your face, and my socks are the racist icing on my racist, racist, cake.” I don’t think this dude will be eating Skittles any time soon.

PS – Am I the only person who doesn’t understand where white people fit in with this Trayvon story? Isn’t that Zimmerman dude a Mexican guy?

Unless Zimmerman talks like Antonio Montana and loves to salsa dance he is only part white. additionally, Hispanic people are split into black and white descent. even if he is Hispanic, that means he cant be racist? Hispanic ppl are racist as fuck. ask any Hispanic father what they would think if there little hijita brought home a black dude. this argument is dumb and has been squashed. Im sick of it.

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The Baylor Lady Bears ran the table
- They went an astounding 40-0 for the year, and no team ever came closer than five. They completely destroyed Notre Dame in the second half of the championship game. Early in the half it was 42-39, but Baylor then went on a 38-19 run. In other words, the second best team in the country was a very distant second indeed.

No matter what you may think of Ashton Kutcher, you probably assume he’s a smarmy douche. And you’d be right, because he is.

"Boisterous bare-breasted brouhaha" ........ Headline writing is a thankless task, a fact which prompts those who do it to strive for personal satisfaction in odd ways.

Rat Bastard and Scraping Teeth Are Back for The Worst Band in America Tour 2012

Three words: Estonian bubble soccer

Attention, readers of 50s-era Popular Science: your flying car is finally here.

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