Monday, May 14, 2012

Emails from dead man’s account helping family and friends find closure

Ok , What the fuck is going on here ??

Who is going to be the first one to call Shenanigans on this story . Its easily explained. Now that Steve Jobs is up there, the dead have better access to email. Technology is amazing. Back in the day ghosts would have to send telegrams.If my dead buddy told me to clean my attic.You better believe i would be up there doing it.

Here we go .....

The legendary pickup basketball games between Wilt Chamberlain and Elgin Baylor from the late 1950s in Washington, D.C.

The May 4th, 2012 invasion by the Chitauri through an inter-dimensional portal caused significant damage to the New York City area.

A man holding a fishing pole was seen getting out of a black Mercedes that was parked in front of a Bigfork hardware store. The caller suggested that this man might be the missing California movie executive.

Product Placement You Never Noticed in Famous Works of Art

'Avengers' smashes 2nd weekend box office record with $103.2M!

Vote now for the worst movie NEVER made

Video: Surfer rides 78-foot wave

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