Friday, May 25, 2012

The Feds Have Spent The Last Year Building A Case Against Marylou’s Coffee For Only Hiring Cute Girls

South Shore coffee chain Marylou’s is singing the blues over a federal employment-discrimination investigation, crying foul that the feds are going after its long-standing practice of hiring bubbly young bombshells to peddle the shop’s trademark joe.The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has been quietly probing Marylou’s’ hiring practices for nearly a year, the Herald has learned, with investigators pulling reams of job applications, interviewing company brass and grilling the 29-store chain’s pink-clad clerks about their co-workers’ gender, age, race and body type, according to the company. Company vice president Ronnie Sandry EEOC officials told the company the investigation started over Marylou’s local TV spots, in which perky young baristas prance about and sing the company’s bluesy jingle boasting that its roast is “the best coffee in town.” Marylou’s customers said they’re siding with the coffee shop.

Can we have real talk for a second? How the fuck are the Feds finding the time to investigate Marylous coffee inbetween the Roger Clemons steroid case and investigating bounty hunting in the NFL? I mean talk about wasting taxpayers dollars huh? Seriously whoever is investigating Marylou’s should be shot, hung and then shot again. The best part about this is nobody even complained. Some idiot saw a commercial and was like “Wait do they not hire ugly people? We better waste millions of dollars investigating Marylou’s to get to the bottom of this”. Hey newsflash you idiots. Everybvody knows Marylou’s only hires young attractive girls. You don’t need to spend 2 years to figure that shit out. But that’s not event the point. Who gives a fuck? That’s part of their brand. If that’s illegal why don’t the Feds go after Hooters, strip clubs, cheerleaders, models, bartenders etc. Basically if you’re going to sue Mary Lou’s than you can sue any place that uses looks to enhance business. It just makes no sense why anybody would go after Marylou Coffee. It just shows how fucked up our government really is.

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