Friday, May 18, 2012

Have Southerners Been Fooling Us By Just SOUNDING Stupid This Whole Time?

Those sneaky trailer living sons of bitches !!

Clip is surprisingly witty, which I guess is sort of their whole point. I had this discussion not long ago with a friend from overseas about accents and how they’re viewed. Like how if there’s a Southern accent in a food commercial they come off more trustworthy and old fashioned, or when you hear a British accent for an electric razor ad it sounds sleek, classy, and futuristic. Even the British guy in that fancy vacuum commercial made his shit sound cool simply by being British and pronouncing “ball” like “bull”. But none of that is really true, right? I should probably alter my preconceptions about accents and just judge people on what they say?

Nah fuck it. I’ll stick with Southerners being dumb and Brits being sophisticated pussies.

Here we go .....

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