Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Old Ladies RULE !!!

Maybe the Greatest video on the internet ..EVER !!!

3 Grandmothers talking about and watching the Kim Kardashian Sex Tape is fucking priceless .

So this is going viral today. Fucking Internet just doing the damn thing per usual. Like ho hum a couple of old bags just talking about how huge Ray J’s dick is. Shit like this never fails. Old people watching 2 girls one cup. Old people watching Dubstep for the first time. Old people watching Jersey Shore. Old people watching Kim Kardashian get fucked. Old people pretty much doing anything on the Internet and it’s liquid gold. Although I got to admit this was a little depressing. I just hate hearing chicks no matter how old they are gush about how huge black people’s dicks are. Makes me feel all insecure and shit. Like if the First Lady watches this sex tape I’ll be thrown out with the trash. Being funny only gets you so far. Huge dick trumps all.

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