Saturday, May 5, 2012

Saturday Sabotage

Happy Cinco De Mayo.

You may have drinking in mind for your celebration of the Fifth of May, so to get you in the mood, here is some comedy.  By the way, how many people said this to you yesterday?

“May the Fourth

Be with you.”

May the Force be with you, Adam Yauch, aka MCA of the Beastie Boys.  Sabotage Heaven with your skillz, yo.  You homies should crank this shit up and hop about in memoriam of MCA.

Here we go.

Here is the latest chapter of the Weekend At Willies story that many of you have been reading.  Thanks for checking out my shit.  This part is a bit long, sorry about that.  It’s about the Arrival to home for Tellesco.

Robert Evans is a bad ass.  He sounds like the devil when he talks.  He produced some of the best movies that almost didn't get made.  Godfather.  Chinatown.  Rosemary’s Baby, Marathon Man…

Dude believed.  That's what it's all about.


Dustin Hoffman, back in 1976, impersonated Robert Evans, pretending to be twenty years in the future, in 1996, in the end credits of one of his movies.  “I didn’t know I had a vagina down there…”   Funny shit.

Patton Oswalt talks about him.  Patton is excellent, but the video is not time-checked, so don’t watch, just listen to him.

When you are impersonated by geniuses, what does that say about you?


Here's some more of the genius story-telling tradition. 

Louis Ck, Dumb Thoughts.  'Three kinds of shame glaze covering my body…” 

Some of his newer stuff. 

From here.  Check it out.  Lots to see.

Or, a bit older material from Louis, but 38 minutes.  Grab a refresher, and sit back.  Where else will you hear a tale about a barrel of duck vaginas?  God Bless the oral tradition.  Oral story-telling, you nasty bastard.

Speaking of genius, here’s an hour of Dave Chappelle.  “You need to have some white dudes in your thug posse… so they can talk to the police for you.”  

Antidote to genius:  Celeb stalker who has met every famous person ever.  And, get this, she’s only 16.

Here is her proof.

Umm... Yay.

We could get some help from Robert Evans here today, 

...just sayin'

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

OK, One more for ya.

Don’t fall in.

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