Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thirsty 31st Day

Good morning you TDC Enjoyer you.   I hope you have a better day than Martin Short, who was asked yesterday on Today Show how is marriage to his wife is, even though she died horribly a couple of years ago of ovarian cancer.

Well, the Trololo Man is in the hostibal, critical.  For yhose of you who don’t know him, he sand his song: “I Am So Happy to Finally Be Back Home” back in the 1960’s and a snippet of his song went viral a year and a half ago.  His song is irony at its finest at this time.

Here it is:

This is how I have barbeques in my backyard at the lake.  Helicopter in, dump 140 pounds of hotdogs on my poor guests in the open field, and then fly back the mountain-side chalet for the good party...

On that note, here’s a graphic video you should not watch about food preparation for the BBQ season.  Who’s up for ribs?   Yummm…

On that note, looks like we are going to be heading off to Syria now…  Huh.

On that note, you must have heard about the naked crazy manwho attacked and chewed off a homeless dude’s face. Man, as if the homeless don’t have enough to worry about.  Now there’s zombie attacks.

If you have time to kill, here’s 18 minute video of that attack from a surveillance camera.

Now for some antidotes: 

Cute little hands.

Cute video, well done.

Another cute one:  Sir David Attenborough narrates the tiny turtle humping a shoe.

Overdose of cuteness.  No really, it’s a bit too much, like kinda creepy.  “Hey, hon, let’s put the new kitten we bought at the kitten farm into some enclosed places and write texts over the screen in bad grammar.  Who exactly is their demographic? Blech

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

OK, One More For You, and for TDC’s OG (Oldest Gangsta) Tucky.

Paintball War.

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