Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thirsty Thursday Almost Summertime

Let’s go for a drive, shall we?  In Belgium.  While texting.

Well, Newt is out from our road trip.

Mozilla is out, too, but for more important reasons:  against CISPA.  Very nice, Firefox creators.

Here is some messed up stuff, from Slackstory.  True confessions from folks using that Reddit thing.  Some of it is pretty harrowing, so be warned.

Speaking of messed-up stuff, don’t do drugs.  DEA will leave you in a cell for five days with only glass to eat and your own urine to drink.  LA-Times.

Here’s a creepy vid of an old, forgotten place in Scotland.

Email working for ya?  Thank this guy for creating it, in an article from The Verve.

Meet John Spevacek, the dude who invented the hard-to-open chip back in order to give you a workout to use up the calories you intend to intake.  Nice read, informative.

A find by CBZ:  Hire this man.  He wants to be in scifi movies.

From HuffPo, some Challenger Disaster videos, not seen much before by anyone.

On that note, here’s an antidote.

Get your bricks from Osama Bin Laden’s destroyed compound onsale here.

Sorry, here’s a good antidote:  Some summertime rock, from a young bunch who have a good message.   Crank it up, and jump around like the young-at-heart.

It’s almost summertime, baby.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

Oh yeah, One More For You.

The Weekend At Willies chapter Eleven, not on sale.  Free for you.


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