Monday, May 28, 2012


These are Penobscot Warriors who have died for this land, 
in their military service to this great land, 
in each and every armed conflict the USA has been involved.

We are mindful of those who have chosen the Path of the Warrior.  When one chooses to partake of such an essential human exercise, it must be done correctly.

This means that it involves body, mind, and heart.  In the utmost of meaning, it is done in order to protect.  There have been those in the past who have used the power of War to overtake and control other folks, and rape, pillage and plunder.

But the use of War has also saved those who have been starved, brutalized, slaughtered, and oppressed by their own leadership.

Those in power make the decision to go to war.

It is not the work of the Warrior to judge the decision to go to war.  The Warrior has been trained to answer the call of duty, and their training involves self-preservation, ensuring the safety of their team, and also, exertion to control a situation at the ground level.

In order to be an effective Warrior, one must follow the age-old custom of training.  One must learn certain behaviors that may not be ascertained in everyday life, during peace-time.  Such training must become instinctual, because a moment’s hesitation can be the difference between life and death.

By following the regiment of such practice and drills, then the duty of the Warrior can give rise to True Honor. 

Valor speaks of the occasion when one goes above and beyond the call of duty.

On this day, we pause and pay homage to those who have chosen the path of the Warrior.

These people must be given due respect for their life choice to pursue a path that may bring them into harm’s way, at personal risk, for the betterment of all.

It is not their decision when to go to war.  It is only their decision to enter the realm of Death.  Sometimes, it is indicated.  And when such an indication occurs, then one must not hesitate. 

We should also be mindful of the aftermath of such an occurrence.  Certainly, no one leaves it unchanged. 

That is the reason we have this Memorial Day.

We stand united in our support of the Warriors who have been trained to fight the good fight.

We must never let them down, when they return.

Here it is proper for this writer to ask you to be mindful of the Native American Warriors who have joined the USA troops.  You will never find a more patriotic member of the Armed Forces in this country, because we have loved this land for many thousands of years, and we will die for it.

In each and every War, Penobscot Indians have served the U.S. Armed Forces.


and every


Weliwon,   Tahoo.

God Help You.

God Help US All.

---willies out.


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