Friday, June 1, 2012

Eternal Optimists

The Kitten Lives

Good Morning!  Did you sleep well?  Hopefully you got rested for another weekend of sin and debauchery.

I kid.

Yeah, in light of the fact that yesterday’s post was a bit dark, I have been Officially Told by my Dotta that I need to lighten it up for folks who partake of the Mighty TDC during their work week, ‘specially on the best day of the work week for most of us.  (And also to put more effort into speeiling and also me grammer.)


Dunno how I done growed up two Eternal Optimists like my son and my daughter.  I mean, c’mon.  You ever see the shit I write?  It’s pretty dark and bleak.

Then again, I wasn’t the only one raising them.  I can hear it now, “And another thing, whatever you do, don’t be like your father with his grim tales of debauchery and despair and ghosts.”

Gobless their mom, right?  There might be hope for them after all…

So let's have a little light-hearted fun as you make your way to the blow of the whistle, Yabba Dabba Doo, baby.  It won't be sickeningly sweet.  Blech.

Here’s the optimistic news story that goes along with the pic above.  The kitten survived being sucked into the intake of a car engine he crawled into because it was warm in there.   8 more lives to go, little fella.

Now here’s a tune to send you off on a (hopefully) glorious weekend of sunshine, laughter and booze,  …I mean:  time with your family and buds.

It’s from my Dotta, who will be getting her high school diploma on Sunday: a find from the next big thing that Britland has to offer.  She hopes that you blast it loudly and hop about.  She also wants me to stop referring to her as Dotta.  She finally done growed up, you see.  Daughter.

 Morning Parade.  Headlights.

Here is a small bunch of pics that are quite cool:  The new era of space exploration and visits has begun.  Gone are the bloated costs of bureaucratic kick backs and back rubs, and now, the streamlining of a smart, cost-effective process of the way such an endeavor could be run, when capitalism operates the way it can when it is performed correctly.  Always watch the bottom line.  All eyes are on you.  SpaceX  Dragon makes it’s first romantic rendezvous with the ISS.   Shexxy.

For you FBers, here’s the official timeline of Mitt Romney’s stuff.  Enjoy!

Speaking of excellent work, but for real:  Happy Birthday, Clint Eastwood.  Yesterday you turned 82.  Nice work, all these decades, and thank you for not attempting to sing like you did that one time…

Speaking of singing badly, “Stuxnet” is a virus that has been deployed into the Middle East against Iran and other such countries.  A certain TDC member might know?  You have been busy, huh…  Cyber Wars have begun.

Speaking of being attacked by H@x0r$, here’s a fine (nsfw) site that got waylaid.  Not, as in, Way Laid.  Their getting-fucked was not so good.   But you can find them by clicking here.  If that doesn't work, then post their IP addy into your address bar:

The Boston radio show hosted by Touch My Dick, I mean, Toucher and Rich:  they hated their radio sports-talks radio show so much they saved it.  Folks need something to hate, right?  Do you love or do you hate these shows?  There is absolutely no middle ground here.  Sound off in the forum, if you like.

Don’t forget to pull out early.  But what happens after you do?   Pulling Out Of Iraq, from College Humor.

Here’s truly weird shit from HuffPo.  Dude goes to the hostibal for a kidney stone, and finds out something else.  He’s a chick.

“I Smell Dead People…”

Got you beat, creepy kid.

“I Smell Old People.”

Turns out, they don’t smell all that bad.  Go try it out for yourself.  LA Times says so.  Then again, pot is legal there…  LA LA Land.   Jeez.

Sorry, couldn’t help myself with the following.   Do Not Watch.  Gosh darned kids and their drifting and losing an arm on the highway and stuff.

Antidote:  Shout out to Cranberry Zero.  (nsfw)  Dude is one of the hardest working men in the internet tubes, perpetual.

Breakfast of Champions, tomorrow.  Why Guinness bubbles fall.  I simply thought it was the bacon bits I always put on top before Saturday cartoons?

Enjoy your weekend, my friend. 

If I can finally get it truly “write,” there will be the next installment of my tale for you tomorrow. That will be ugly. 

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

OK, One More For You.

This little 9 year old kid gave away a trip to Disneyworld, and in doing so, got another one, and then he gave that one away as well. 

Huh.   Pretty cool, little dude. 

“I’m not little!”  

Yeah, TDC would agree with that.  

You got infinite good karma ahead of you.


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