Monday, June 18, 2012

Guy Picks Fight With MMA Ref After Bout….Promptly Gets Knocked Out

Before I start my column I just want to apologize for missing a couple days the last few weeks but you know how crazy the summer gets .

These fucking hard ons need a reality check once in a while . Us regular guys could kick a little ass too if need be but we would much rather go eat lunch at the china buffet.

What was this guy even upset about? Your boy was wearing a shirt during an MMA fight, bro. A SHIRT. How can someone step into a caged octagon mentally prepared to break another man’s bones and also be insecure about their weight? Doesn’t make any sense. Nobody ever leaves an MMA match like “Man, did you see that guy who got knocked unconscious for 10 minutes? His abs were SOFT!”

Grow up. Both of you got what you had comin’.

Here we go ....

Man arrested for the FOURTH time for having sex with a teddy bear in public

Swedish surgeon removes woman's hip 'by mistake'
. The worst part: she was there for an ingrown toenail.

Jenny McCarthy accidentally sent a nude photo to her dentist

Willies put this up on the weekend and I was HOWLING so I will repost it for all of you who might have missed it .

23 Apps You Wish You Could Install in Your Brain

Taser Used On A Nude 80-Year-Old Woman
Attempting To Hit Officers With A Cane

You Need A "Tight Butthole" Shirt
.....As if gay guys didn't find you attractive enough already.

This Is A Picture Of A Frog Taking A Shit , Nothing more. Nothing less.

Dildo Fun Time (NSFW)
- Ain't no party like a dildo party.

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