Monday, June 4, 2012

So Im back from my mini vacation / wedding in Florida . What great weather they have down there while up here it is 65 when I get home ...go figure .

So you probably wondering WTF is up with the picture above this , Well here's the story :

So I love to travel and love the excitement of getting up and going to the airport ...the whole thing . Now you all know New York is nuts anyways and their airports are no different . The Airport security is beyond crazy these days but in my opinion necessary . Some people will bitch and moan about how our civil liberties are being taken away and all that hippie bullshit but these will be the same people who will be blaming the government when something happens if they let up on the security clam it up .

So we are in line to check our bags inside , It's a pretty long line but its expected . So while we are in line there is this family of middle eastern people who are arguing the whole time in line but since they aren't speaking any sort of language I can understand , I pay them no mind . These days if you bag is over a certain weight you have to pay extra so what you need to do is to distribute the stuff evenly in your bags to beat that system . So the family gets to the counter , throws the bag up on the scale and it is way over so they are asked if they want to move some stuff from one bag to another , they say yes . They open the bag ...wait for it ...... and they have a FULL DIE HARD CAR BATTERY in their luggage along with a couple smaller batteries in there . Of course immediately the security people get called and its a huge thing in front of us . What ? A full car battery ? why would you ever need that in your luggage ?

The guy wasn't on my flight so I could relax . I don't know what they did with him but hm and his whole family got escorted to a room you probably never want to be in while your traveling .Fucking Foreigners !!

Here we go ....

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