Friday, June 29, 2012

So You Guys Have Heard About This Crashed UFO In The Baltic Sea That Disables All Electronics, Right?

Mayans my ass !!

If I had to choose, I’d like for this to be the start of the 2012 world ending. Having a mysterious alien ship at the bottom of the ocean rise up and start leveling buildings or controlling our minds is way more interesting than just a bunch of lava and tornadoes. Although, as we’ve seen, lava is pretty entertaining. And why couldn’t this be the UFO to end everything? It has doors, is somehow sitting in water that is -1 degrees and still not frozen, cuts off all electronics in the area…that’s pretty much going right down the alien ship checklist.

It was simply a matter of time. If the earth is 2/3 water then there has had to be like 2-3 Roswells in the ocean. It only makes sense.

Wait…get me James Cameron.

P.S , this article, and everyone who reads it is retarded. Salt water freezes at a slightly lower temp than fresh water. Also the bottom of the ocean is always going to be colder and because of the currents it can dip below normal freezing temp. I mean really people?

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