Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thirsty Summertime

Bacon Sunday at Burger King, pic by wentdog of Tumblr fame.

Happy Flag Day to you.  Hopefully, you are enjoying each of these rare and lovely summer days as we progress onward to mud and snow and cold, freezing rain.  Soon, it will be colds, flu, shoveling and sniveling.  

I kid you: no harsh on you today, my friend.

Sure, wintertime offers great outdoor fun in New England, and the autumns are the absolute best in the world.  But, summer is our time to bbq with friends and family and drink beer outside until ungodly hours. So get the briquettes going and load up the cooler with ice and drinks.  It’s summer time, baby.  The weekend is every night.

Here's the next installment of The Weekend At Willies.

This kid was the reason youttube and facebook was created.  He video blogs his McDonald’s breakfast.  In 1984.   Dude.  You looked back then like would be mega wealthy today.

Link to the autoplay for the rest of it.

Chicago kids tell Conan their blues stories, and some are so horrible, he sings about it for them.  “No chocolate on Mondays…”   Man.  Sad tales.

Ten Bar Bets you will never lose.  By Dick WiseMan.  Yeah, that’s his real name, those whacky  Britlanders.

For Florida Bobcat, this: Mental Floss shows us some spy tricks.

Black and white pics for you.  Pretty cool.

12 minute compilation of YouTube haikus.  NSFW due to swearing.   This is the first of hopefully more, from Tharpless, of Reddit fame.

Sweden’s new Twitter campaign overtake by Stephen Colbert.

Have a good rest of your day, and don’t forget to celebrate summertime.   Remember, the 20th of June is the longest day of sunshine.  It really shouldn’t be the start of Summertime.  It is the start of the slow slide into the ugly gloom of winter. Days will start getting shorter from there.

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God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

OK, One More For You.

George Bush thinks about Death and socks.  The original George Bush, at 88 years on Tuesday.  Happy belated birthday, we jokers have missed you bud.

Cranberryzero's nsfw for ya


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