Saturday, June 30, 2012

Weekend At Willies: That's What She Said

Pic above of Madonna’s daughter Lourdes is from Hollywood Reporter. The cone tits and attitude don’t fall far from the tree.

 Watsky, back with another one. Funny as hell. IDGAF


 Jimmy Kimmel interviews The Original Butt Sketcher; Krandel Lee Newton. Great lines.


This is quite cool. See how many parts you can name. Either you can name all of them, or you can name none. Hell, the Hall of the Mountain King is a great tune, so crank the hell up out of your sound system and get charged up with your morning bowl of what-have-you.


Link to an excellent animator, Daniel M. Kanemoto. He creates a short video homage of each familiar thing you may have seen before, in a new way. Damn fine work, mister.

More creepiness, ventriloquists and their dummies, pics from the early years of the previous century.

Here’s some creepiness from today’s headlines: Multi-millionaire who burned down his mansion takes a pill and dies in front of the judge and jury, when found guilty. You can’t make this shit up. Ok, you could, but it would be shitty writing from a hack.

Antidote: Celebuzz has a photo gallery of bikini pics, just in time for the heat wave. SFW, sadly. But still still: bikinis...

Speaking of sexy, but also creepy, what is up with this new NSFW thing?  I mean, really?  Gas masks on nekkid chicks.  Well, go ask Cranberry Zero.

Ladies and Gentlemen, anti-hero: Kellie Park, of Connecticut. She texted about abusing her infant. Dayam.

Antidote to insanity: Pentecost dub step. I don’t even--- … Ok, wait, now I want to join that church. Finally I can get my dance skill down, yo.


Descend with me, into the dark.

Let’s take a walk on the willies side, cool? Here’s the next part of the
Walkin Killings Series, Pt. 8.  The Man In The Tomb, fresh for you, my friend.

Enjoy your Saturday, however you go about it.

 God Help You.

 God Help Us All.

 ---willies out.

Ok, One More For You.

Nora Banks evidently invented the “That’s What She Said” punchline, back in the early part of the past century. God bless you, Nora, you have filled us with pleasure.  (That's what...  oh hell.)


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