Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Birthday

Welcome to Thirsty Thursday.  We here at the mighty TDC hope that you are having a good summertime. 

There is something else for you today, and it is this:

Happy Birthday, My Dotta Jasmine.  You are my heart, and you will always be Dotta to me.  I know that you are an adult now and will be heading off to University in the fall, but just remember: a Dad doesn’t mean to embarrass his Dotta in public by calling her by her pet name.  It just happens. Sorry.  That ain’t likely to change, baby girl.   

Here is a tune to make dads out there feel all sad and also, for dottas everywhere to feel embarrassed by their dads…

Metric. “Youth Without Youth.

Just kidding.  You know me, baby. 

So you are heading into a new world in a few months, but before that, you really need to enjoy yourself before that begins.   You are working a good job for the summer, second time in a row for the federal government, and that will open up possibilities for you along your way.  Of course, college will be a lot of fun, and can be way too much fun, if you do it one way.

But there is another path you may choose.

I have written all of these tales as a guide for you, baby, and there are lessons you have been shown, (and possibly taught?) along my sordid path. 

When you feel the hairs on your arms and rise, then get the fuck out.

When you may feel like you are about to choke, pause, do not panic.

Never panic.  Do Not Panic.

When you are going to be attacked, and there are others nearby, don’t simply scream for help.  Instead, single out one person, in the crowd, in the apartment over head of the street, and call them out. 

“YOU!  In the window right there!” 

“YOU!  In the red hoodie!”

“Help Me!”

That actually works.

Never sit with your back to the entrance.  You should be aware of everyone who comes in.

If others depend upon you for their safety, and they don’t even know it, then remember to protect them.  Get them ready to protect you all, in a moment’s notice.  There is safety in numbers.

But,  there are the other things you have learned, which are these:

Always know your audience before you get up in front of them to speak to them at the podium.  You should know what it is that engages them.  It isn't bad to speak with passion, and perhaps talk above their own knowledge of the field of which you are describing.  This can make them seek out further learning. Folks love to find out knew things; we all do.

But you must never, ever condescend to anyone.  Sarcasm is cheap and not to be forgiven.  That is the cheap, easy way out; to try to make yourself look better by trying to make someone else look bad.   Pssshhh. Fuck That.

A locked door is to keep tempted but honest people honest.  A thief will ignore a lock.

Never lock yourself out.  Before you close the door to your car or your place, check that you have its key with you before you close your door.

Always call your mom and dad if you---


Always call your mom and dad.

Ya know.

Also, don’t forget to give thanks for simply being able to live on this amazing, tiny blue marble.

You see, I have survived many bad things, some of them my own doing.  That is why I am hidden behind an old nickname, a moniker, as I write these chapters: 

to protect you.

But because you have been raised by a once-very-bad man who overcame his own obstacle (himself), then you will be well prepared for the future.  You will be aware of men like me in your future.

You will know how to deal with them, and also, to not only persevere, but to overcome yourself and then succeed.  Evil and Good are in your DNA.  Choose wisely, Dotta.

It is the hope of all good parents that their spawn do much better than they themselves have done.

I give thanks every day and night for being able to be alive here.

And for knowing someone like you.

Our lives last for 80+ years if you do it right, and that is not nearly enough time to explore such a wondrous place as we have here, alone in all the stars.  80 years seems like a lot right now, and it is, for someone so young as you, baby.


Check it all out, as much as you can.  Be safe, and Do Not Panic.

Tahoo, Amen.


You have a great and large family, and a Tribe who will be on your side, and we have your back, never doubt this.  You have an amazing future ahead.

You have skills the like of which have not been witnessed before, and a true love of life, and also, you kind of fucking rock this little rock.

So, here we go, one thing.

Here is another chapter for our lessons, in this sordid tale.

You will rise.


We used to sing these together, when you were young.

About your momma.

Beatles.  Honey Pie.

Steve Martin.  Sea Side Song.

Never showed you the movie, but someday, check it out.

Like me: The Jerk.

You are lucky

when you find someone  

whose company you enjoy as much as I do:

 your momma.

I came back from California to our tribe in 1990,

and I was homeless.

But I was Home.


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