Thursday, July 26, 2012

Namen Happy Birthday


willies kids and the art dude

Happy Birthday to my son Gabriel, who was born 27 years ago this past Tuesday.

What I write is published here each Thursday, and so I saved this space for you today.

Your sister, who is an artist in her own right, (her art exhibited in gallery shows like the above, as yours has been) painted a birthday card for you. 

Unlike her, I do not craft anything well.  All I can attempt is to do good for other folks.

And that is something you do very well.


Thank you for working to preserve our tribe’s language, transcribing our language into digital format for posterity.

Thank you for instructing our tribal citizens with weekly updates on words and sound files, and their meanings.

Thank you for your Thursday potluck meals for the language classes.  You are a hell of a good cook, and I’m learning new phrases, (some of them quite funny and a bit salty.  The phrases, not the meals.)

Thank you for leading a clean life as an example to our tribal youth, and for your work in our tribe’s Boys And Girls Club every day.

Thank you, if you forgive me for saying all of this on the internets, because the best thing about your work and your personal value system is that you are one of the most humble of people that I know, beside your mom.

You do all of this without any need for recognition for your service work for us all, nor a call for a pat on the back, and you actually prefer that others in your company do not “show off” nor “toot their own horn” about their own accomplishments.

And that is what amazes me the most.


The work that you do will have lasting implications and effect on our tribe, for our tribe, for perpetuity, for ever.

That is the reason for this internets b-day card.

Well done, and good to know someone like you, Namen.


Eeeeeeeeeeeeeji Gitchi Weliwoni, Namen.

Here's something that I work hard at, myself.

Happy Birthday, Namen.

Gluskabe Help You.

Gluskabe Help Us All.

---willies out.

Work Song, by Dan Reeder.


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