Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sorry about my absence this week , I have been on a mini vacation from my night job which leads me to go to bed at a regular time ( which is fabulous ) and doesnt leave much time for a column . I'll bang one out for you today ....

Im heading to Block Island on a kids free weekend pass this weekend and judging from years past is shapin up to be a doozie !!

Dead Eye Dicks


Yellow Kittens

The Oar

It's some good shit !!!

Here we go ......

‘Oz the Great and Powerful’ -- No ruby slippers, but a green Mila Kunis?

Superheroes are hot, and claustrophobic, in costume

Tiny Caribbean parasite named after Bob Marley

5 Excuses We Make For Doing Terrible Things

Penn State Report Summary: Everyone Pretending They Didn't Know Actually Knew

One more reason to visit Motown: 250 Gospel mime ministers to converge on Detroit this weekend

California Saga: The Beach Boys' Kids Form A Cover Band

Alyssa Campanella: Topless Pictures Of Beauty Pageant Winner

7 Lord of the Rings locations
you can actually visit

Music Break .....

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