Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Dutch Field Hockey Team ....Nuff said !!

I am rooting for them all the way god damn it !!

How much do other butch Olympic chicks hate these little field hockey minxes? Like the swimmers with their huge shoulders and no tits have gotta be furious at how hot these girls are. The gymnasts with their huge thighs and their dicks tucked between their legs must be up in arms. Everyone is going home with gold medals, the only difference is the Dutch field hockey team doesn’t live like a social outcasts because they’re Olympic man-beasts. Head home and put on a dress and high heels and get free drinks at the bar and fucked by dudes as they please.

Kobe is probably like “Fuck all this Dream Team vs. 2012 bullshit – I’m going to hang out with these field hockey bitches.”

PS – I have absolutely no idea what “Dutch” means. As far as I’m concerned Holland, Belgium and the Netherlands are all the same thing. Also I think Amsterdam is a country.

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