Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thirsty Thursday, Win Or Lose

The Oatmeal Wins.  Sounds like an eighties punk band.   But Matt Inman did indeed win.  Here’s a TDC Thirsty Thursday cheer and tip of the glass to you, Mr. Internet Bear Drawings-er.

You can also win, by losing.  How odd?  This woman lost 98 pounds, by having sex seven times a day.  Fuck yeah.  I think. Wait…umm…

Tea Time.

Just remember where you leave your DNA.  It may be sperm on someone’s tits. It may be on a chain used in a New York subway station by to “Occupy Wall Street” people, and linked to a death of a female jogger in 2004.  Or, it may be from an investigator into both cases. 

NYC has a crime force the size of which rivals the old FBI, but maybe they are too horny for DNA.  So here’s a parable, in the form of a very short video, for NYC: Beware of what you fish for: you might get a surprise and not like it so much.

Lesson:  the greater the height of your rise, the deeper you can fall.  Especially if you are without your sight, walking backwards, on a tightrope 600+ feet up over a gorge. 

There’s also this: When you get brought down by a fake, apologize anyway.  Daniel Tosh, who is fucking funny, took the weight of an overblown exaggerated complaint by someone who doesn’t have a sense of blue humor, and posted it on a Tumblr anonymously.  Here’s the story.

Maybe you should fight back, like The Oatmeal did, above, or here, when Taco Bell killed Old Spice in a single tweet.

Here’s an exposition by The New Yorker about why most folks who attempt to write fiction will never get the brass ring: The Pulitzer Prize.  Me included, and that’s fine by me.  I write because I can’t help it.  Richie offered me a place to put it out, and that’s pretty fucking cool, to me.

On that note, here is the link to the next part of my sordid tale, and thank you for following along.  Your enjoyment, if you enjoy these cliff hangers, is simply great.  Good enough for me.

Thank you, my friend, for reading my stuff.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

OK, One More For You.

Breaking Batman.  Excellent mash-up of Batman, and Breaking Bad.   This movie should be the next step, after the awesome end to the Batman trilogy directed by Chris Nolan ends.


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