Monday, July 23, 2012

This Bug-A-Salt Gun Is Almost A Good Idea

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Dig the idea — a chemically-free, fun way to murder flies that come into your home and think they run shit. It’s a great product. One problem, though: there’s no chance you get that fly on your first shot.

Nothing is ever as easy as it looks, and I’m willing to bet that instead of you feeling like John Wayne after ringing in the fly holocaust in your kitchen, it’s just gonna be you with a shitty piece of Chinese plastic shooting salt all around your house. Flies just chilling on your fruit and bread laughing their little winged asses off as you stumble over a couch and struggle to keep aim as sweat pours down your dumb face. You’re not bug Rambo. You’re just some guy. Prepare to use this once then never use it again.

But maybe I’m wrong and this is brilliant.

And there are Way more uses than just bugs. Cat being an asshole? Bam. Salted cat. Your buddy Bob shows up for the game empty handed? His penalty is to be a-salted all night long. And we haven't even talked about the fun party possibilities with this and some coke bath salts.

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