Saturday, July 7, 2012

Weekend At Willies Smile Like You're Dead Inside

Happy Saturday.  Well met.   Here’s a vid of our tiny blue marble as it appears from overhead, put together by a young Croat to the Intro tune by Xx.

When you travel on our tiny blue marble, you like to take pics, don’t you?  South Korea has a museum that helps you out with this.  You get to pose in famous works of art.  It’s like that Face Hole app.

You may have seen this, it just came out and went instantly viral. Guy talks to his twelve year old self when he’s 32.  Wicked smaht.

Gallows short.  The Backwater Gospel.  Happy Saturday!

Now here is an article by Gentlemen’s Quarterly about the huge disparity between the extremely rich and the very poor: six individuals are interviewed, and they describe their daily lives.  Damn.  I’d like to try to live on $625,000.00 each week?

Maybe I’d buy that $460,000.00 bottle of whiskey.  Might have cut spending for four days, but maybe it tastes good?

More from that Bad Lip Reading one man show.  Red and Blue combine to make gold.

Robots have an argument in their overdubbed/step language.

Elders react to Dubstep vid by Skrillex.   “That is really strange music.”  Yup.

Smile like you’re dead inside.  Pics.

On that note, here’s the latest part of the Walkin Killings ugliness, Pt. 10.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

OK, One More For Richie.  Every Stanley Cup Playoff goal from this year.

One More For You.   Best Tumblr pics of 1998.

Now go outside and sweat and smile like you're dead inside.    

Just kidding.


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