Monday, July 16, 2012

Zuckerberg Tries To End Facebook Stalking

Complex – Lurking and social networks go together like Meek Mill and yelling. Facebook wants to change that. The world’s largest social network announced yesterday a new feature that would show Group creators who stopped by and read certain posts. “Starting today when you visit a group, you can view who’s seen each post. This way you can stay updated on the group’s activity,” Facebook wrote on its blog. “For example, in your soccer group you can post the new practice time and then see who got the update.” Facebook isn’t the first to apply such a transparent element. As FWD points out, Path does the same thing with posts, though the caveat with Path is that your circle of friends is deeply personal. RIM also had a similar feature in BlackBerry Messenger that let you see when a friend read your message. So far the new feature only applies to Groups, but we can see this extending to all aspects of the social network. Who’s ready for full transparancy?

As much as I want to kick the shit out of Zuckerberg and stuff him in a dumpster in the school yard in a weird way I kind of respect the absolute shit out of him. Like this guy is hell bent on destroying Facebook. He’s got a passion for completely ruining his own baby. To the point where it’s almost like he has a bet with his bookie that he’ll drive Facebook into the ground by New Years. I mean how else could you explain trying to end Facebook Stalking? What percentage of people do you think use Facebook for stalking? 99%? There’s businesses that use it to promote and people who use it to stalk their exes. That’s it. Or stalk the assholes they know from high school just to make sure you’re still making more money than them and their girlfriend’s are still fat and ugly. Or hunt down random hot chicks from across the country and make picture galleries for their blogs. You know normal shit like that that everybody does. And now Zuck wants to ditch that and blow up everybody’s spot. Sweet move brah. Soon it’s just going to be a desolate wasteland of billions and billions of shitty fan pages with some dumbass timeline feature that makes it impossible to figure out when the fuck each post when up. Definitely sounds like something I want to invest in.

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