Friday, August 17, 2012

It's Burgerific !!!

First off , Great Column yesterday Willies !!

The fact that this song is flaming hot aside, my man brings up an excellent point regarding burgers. If you’re eating a weak burger you can still chew and talk. I’m eating a standard McDonalds cheeseburger and wanna chat? Cool, no problem. I’m eating a Bacon double from 5 Guys? Get the fuck outta my face. Total disregard for social interaction.

PS – Seriously awesome hook in this tune.

Here we go .....

Pic o' the day: Pennsylvania road crew paints yellow line over dead raccoon

Mugshot o' the day: 'I'm wasted, ya got me!'

Daily dose of walnuts boost sperm quality

A soldier who took the left buttock from Saddam Hussein's statue has beaten the half-assed charges against him

What, no pics? City of Toronto changes mind, will allow topless rallies in city parks

Cheating Scandal Rocks the World of Competitive Scrabble

Victor Conte -- Melky Cabrera one of many in MLB on PEDs

The Weirdest Deep-Friend Goodies on the 2012 Fair Circuit.....Deep-friend Kool-Aid? We live in a magical time, my friends.

40 Gratuitous Tan Line Photos - Take a peek where the sun don't shine.

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