Monday, August 13, 2012

Was This Little League Ump's Call The Most Atrocious Call In the History of Sports?

I ump for a living and no way I would make this call with the game on the line !!!

Unbelievable. Unbelievable. Unbelievable. I don’t know what else to say. Unbelievable. Like all things considered this has to be the worst call in the history of not only sports, but modern civilization right? I mean yeah Don Denkinger’s call in the Royals vs. Cardinals 85 World Series which cost St. Louis the title was bad. Jim Joyce’s call that robbed Armando Gallaraga of a perfect game was brutal. But both pale in comparison to this. At least both those were bang bang plays. No time to think. They just made the wrong call in the heat of the moment. The same can’t be said here. The ump had time to think. He knew it was coming. This was an appeal play. An appeal play in Little League with a trip to Williamsport on the line.

I mean the fact that this play was so close that you can’t even tell if he clipped the bag on the replay makes it that much more surreal. Because I don’t care if the kid missed the bag by 2 feet. The only way you call him out here is if he ran directly from 2nd base to home. Otherwise you have to let the kids settle their dreams on the field. Just absolutely mind boggling how a grown man could make this call. You’re a volunteer ump bro. People aren’t there to watch you. Absolutely unreal. If I was Hawaii I would have rioted and stabbed that ump in the heart. Nobody has ever deserved to be murdered more than that guy.

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