Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Punch a Frenchie

I would beat the shit out of an old man !!

I’m not sure anybody in the history of life has ever deserved to get their nose broke more than the Frenchie behind Aly Raisman’s dad at the Olympics. Like you kidding me bro? You’re really telling him to sit down for cheering for his daughter after she nails a huge jump? You’re really shooting him dirty looks after she wins the gold medal? Dude it’s his fucking daughter bro. She’s the star of the Olympics. I think you’re allowed to cheer. Seriously who the fuck are you? I just wish Aly’s dad saw this because if I know him like I think I do I’m pretty sure he would have caved his face in. Welcome to West Haven bitch!

PS – I’m just guessing that dude was French, but I’d be stunned if he wasn’t. Just looks and acts French.

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