Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thirsty Thursday Creativity

Empty Pages, by Traffic, nsfw due to a flash of boobs

TDC Forum Member Jambo!!! introduced to us the following link to a parody site of that Fifty Shades Of Gray novel.  It’s safe for work, because there are no pics of nudity.  But if you are of a delicate sensibility, here’s a lovely site to view instead.  Of course, you probably wouldn’t be visiting the Mighty TDC if you were such a delicate flower. 

Maybe you should go clean your rose-colored glasses somewhere less direct and true?  You see, we know that it’s the quiet ones working at the library who have the whips and chains and hooks in the ceiling.  You ain’t kidding no one.  Here’s yourtwo-faced kitty sight.

The knee jerk response of the snob might be that the sort of writing in the Fifty Shades Of Grey soft-pron novel heralds the decline of the western civilization.  For the rest of us, the decline of western civilization has been happening for quite a while now, so chill the fuck out, snob guy.

On another hand, if text-generating bots can put out something so humorous and addictive that we keep revisiting that site, then perhaps that indicates something else.  Perhaps text bots can do it after all.  If you follow this line of reasoning down the line far enough, you may come up with the unsettling realization that someday,

Perhaps soon,

Hollywood movie and television scripts will be written by text bots that have been instructed via the output of an analytical computer modeling program that gauges what is currently hot for human consumers to purchase the opportunity to view, and they will write for that. 

Yuck. I just scared myself.  That would be horrible to witness. Imagine more of the same crap, unchanging, except for being finely honed to the basic urges of our cerebellum and brain stem and spine.


However, since new trends are always the product of our unstoppable human creativity, and we each truly enjoy the community-generating response to such good creations, There’s hope.  It comes from that gut level connection to each other that we simply will not do without. That might be our saving grace from a self-perpetuating future of crank/hack tsunami of robotic, regurgitated spewage drowning our free-time pursuit of entertainment.  (I combined the words “Spew” and “Sewage” for you.  See, creativity…)

Let’s go look at some things that are entertaining now, shall we?  Gobless the human creative drive.  Hope it never fades.

Here are your LINKS

Speaking of new technology and writing, here’s a true tolife tale written by a dude on Tweeter, about dealing with some poor, fucked up dude on an airplane. 

Speaking of solid human creativity and movie and television scripts, here is something about a show that is not reality-based, thank gawd.  Arrested Development is coming back for thirteen episodes, not the usual ten.  (Hey, I’ll check out a short ad if it supports the continuation of free, well-crafted content on the internet.  That’s proper capitalism.  Fuck yeah.  I’ve got seconds I can spare, and I might even enjoy your ad and buy your wares. Fuck the idea of tiered, pay-for internets.  Sad enough that I have to pay for access at all…)

Speaking of human creativity, it comes from our desire to explore.  Here is us exploring another planet.  Lose the heat shield, free fall until the parachute opens, and then turn the blasters on at the last second.  

Speaking touching down, be it in the end zone, or on another planet, or pen to paper, here’s Samuel Silva.  He writes with Bic ballpoint pens, old school style...  Just one thing.  He writes pictures.  He draws with pens, and he fucking rocks.

Speaking of unbridled creativity, The Oatmeal has succeeded in his drive to build a Tesla Museum.  It is in honor of a man with a tremendous spark of creativity as well, Nikola Tesla.

Speaking of being Pro-Creative, here is a link to CNN’sstory about preserving the right to rape someone and get a baby from it.  Babies are cute, and some rapists are as well.  Ban the ugly rapists.  Really?  Gives me the shivers.

Here’s a short song about legitimate rape, “how do you know when it happens to you?”

To be fair, Mitt, call me.


Creative pics of Dog Shaming on Tumblr.  Sometimes, dogs can be assholes.

Damn it, when will it be beer o’clock?  Here’s Guiness (yum) with a QR code that you can use with your smart phone for some fun.  (Pssst, it won’t work with Bud Light.   Boooo.  I like different beers for different uses.  Yes, beer is an important tool.)

However, beer doesn’t work when you are trying to restore an old Fresco from the 1800’s.  Dayam.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

OK, One More For You.

Here is something for you to consider, about the tale I have been creating for you all these years.  You see, the reason that hacks and text bots will never contribute to our true enjoyment of pure entertainment is that they do not respond to their readers.

I was going to plow ahead and make my own way, but after Jambo!!!’s contribution to the TDC Forum discussions, I would like to take a moment and ask you to offer your own thoughts to the forward direction of this Fuckno Wars tale.   I will write it no matter what, but if you care to, please offer your input in our forums, in the link up on the right side.


Welcome to The NEW Daily Column!!